Different Types Of Laser Marking Machines

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Laser marking is a technology used to label or indicate a vast variety of materials having a laser beam. There are lots of forms of laser signaling techniques, such as foaming, annealing, staining, removing and engraving. The favored strategy applied to the material is related to the quality of finish required and material. A number of the most well-known materials to utilize comprise plastics (polycarbonate and ABS), laminates, foils, and metals (aluminum, platinum, titanium, bronze, gold, silver and stainless steel).

Listed below are just four of the major Kinds of laser marking machine alternatives:


The laser دستگاه حکاکی is designed to heat the upper surface of the material that is gradually melted and evaporates. This is a fast and effective procedure to eliminate material utilizing a laser beam. When the material is removed it leaves behind a clear belief of a favorite logo, text, design, or other markers.


In the practice of utilizing laser removing the uppermost layer is removed by the laser beam to make a contrast from the colour throughout the various layers of this material. The favored materials used for this technique include laminates, coated metals, films, foils, and anodized aluminum.


While using the laser exfoliation procedure the warmth created by the laser beam will help to create a particular kind of chemical reaction. An advantage of this is that the capacity to make different color shades throughout the material. The kind of color shading changes with the chemical makeup of the plastic or other material. For example, using a light-colored plastic material the laser will make soot-like particles that leave a dark-colored mark onto the surface.

Annealing marking

This is a unique technique used in the method of etching a vast assortment of metals. By employing a laser beam onto the metallic surface, it’s likely to make an oxidation process which contributes to a change in color for the various layers of the metallic material.