Privacy Policy

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Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) will establish our privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “this privacy policy”) as follows. This Privacy Policy specifies the policy on how to use and manage personal information when we conduct business including the operation of this website. In order to use our service with peace of mind, we believe that it is most important to comply with the laws concerning the protection of personal information, and to ensure thorough proper collection, use and management within the company.
1. Definition of terms

(1) In this Privacy Policy, “the Group” means a company that is in a business alliance between the Company and its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, and parent company subsidiaries, and is separately designated (* 1) is said.
(2) In this privacy policy, “personal information” means a member ID, name, gender, e-mail address, telephone number, address, company name, department name, job title, occupation, nickname, pen name, date of birth, credit card information , Information such as purchase history, point holding information and points etc. usage history, other contact information and information on purchase of goods, one or more combinations can be used to identify a specific individual.
2. About the use of personal information

We will use personal information within the scope of the purpose of use and the purpose of use shown below for the following purposes, as far as necessary for carrying out business.
(1) Management of members and users
(2) The sale of goods, rights, digital contents and services (hereinafter referred to as “products, etc., including financial products, etc.) of the Company and third parties (including the conclusion of service provision contract etc) The same below)
(3) Campaign · Prize Planning and Implementation of Questionnaire
(4) Simplifying membership registration and other tasks when using services that require member registration in the group
(5) Notification of matters necessary for the operation of this website (including those by e-mail)
(6) Advertisement and promotion of products and others of the Company and third parties, solicitation solicitations (including those by e-mail)
(7) Send mail magazine
(8) Packing / shipping business of products etc.
(9) Billing calculation, billing
(10) Provision of points, coupons, mileage etc. services (hereinafter referred to as “points etc.”)
(11) Posting information posted by members and users
(12) Various inquiries, after-sales service correspondence
(13) Research and analysis of marketing data, development of new services
(14) Preparation of statistical materials to be provided to subsidiaries and business tie-up companies
(15) In the case of entrusting handling of personal information from other business operators, execution of commissioned work
(16) Exercise of rights and obligation based on contracts, laws, etc.
(17) adoption
(18) Review of business alliance
3. Management of personal information

We have placed a person in charge of personal information management in the responsible department responsible for managing personal information, conduct appropriate management of personal information in the following divisions, and guide and promote our efforts on personal information protection.

If Administration Headquarters
E-mail: [email protected]
4. Shared use of personal information

1. The Group shall be able to jointly use the personal information provided in Article 1 for the purpose of use specified in Article 2. Person responsible for the management of personal information shall be as prescribed in Article 4.
2. The Company shall be able to jointly use personal information of Article 1 with the following business alliance company. Person responsible for management of personal information shall be as specified separately.
* Business tie-up company to share personal information and its purpose
(1) Affiliated Media Company In the event that we provide services on paper media, television, radio, Internet media of magazines etc possessed by affiliated media companies, we will cooperate with partner media companies for the purposes of Article 2 Personal information can be used.
(2) Point Service Partnership Company The Company shall be able to use personal information in collaboration with a service partner company, such as points etc., in order to provide services such as points etc. with a service partner company.
5. About providing personal information

We will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without consent in a state where personal identification is possible unless it is properly protected and accepted by the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations.
6. About Disclosure, Correction, Stop Usage, Elimination, etc. of Personal Information

Based on the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations, the Company reserves the right to request disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension, elimination, suspension of provision of a third party, Confirm that you have it, if there is any such request, we will respond promptly by the procedure prescribed by our company.
7. How to accept personal information disclosure request etc.

In the case of requesting disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, suspension, deletion, suspension of providing of a third party of personal information, fill out the necessary information on the prescribed invoice in accordance with separately specified by the Company, Please send it to our personal information customer consultation window. In the case of disclosure request, please also enclose the prescribed fee and postage fee.

Reception desk Co., Ltd. If individual information consultation window 〒 150 – 0043
1-19-2 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Spline Building 3F
E-mail: [email protected]
8. How to accept notice of use purpose of personal information

If you wish to be notified of the purpose of using personal information, please contact [email protected] .
9. Opinions, complaints and objections concerning privacy policy

For inquiries regarding this privacy policy and handling of personal information, please contact from the following window.

Inquiries Desk Co., Ltd. If Personal Information Consultation Window 〒 150 – 0043
1-19-2 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Spline Building 3F
E-mail: [email protected]
10. About Security

In order to provide personal information through this website, in order to protect personal information from unauthorized access by a third party, encryption is performed using an industry standard encryption method called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Personal information that we deemed necessary is protected by SSL encrypted communication and we will endeavor to ensure safety. In addition, personal information is strictly managed based on management standards prescribed by the Company, and access to personal information, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, prevention of virus infection, etc. are prevented by setting fire wall and establishing anti-virus measures etc. We are taking measures.
11. About cookies

On our website, we use technology called cookie (Cookie). A cookie is a mechanism that allows a communication device used by a customer to temporarily hold specific information as data and to identify the customer based on the data every time the connection is made. We offer services based on the use of cookies. Therefore, if you do not permit use of cookies, we may not be able to receive some services of our company. You can set whether or not to use cookies with your browser. Check the settings as necessary.
12. Information provision to the business tie-up company or link destination

We are aware of the use of personal information gathered by our business partners and websites linked from this website, such as third party sites and services accessible through this website not. Therefore, we do not take any obligation or responsibility for independent regulations or activities at these companies or sites. Please check the privacy policy of each site.
13. About updating privacy policy

In order to protect personal information, we may revise this privacy policy when we change laws and regulations and if necessary. In that case, we post the latest privacy policy on this website.
※ 1 Group list [As of November 14, 2006]
Co., Ltd. If Net Co., Ltd. Net Price Co., Ltd. Net Price Co., Ltd. Net Price Incubation Co., Ltd. Cyan Co., Ltd. De facto Standard Co., Ltd. Shop Airline Co., Ltd. Transfer Com Corporation Oku Fan Co., Ltd. M-

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